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This website is an attempt to go back to the origins of the web, to it's simplest form, old web aesthetics and no frameworks or libraries whatsoever. A sort of artisan development.

I built my first website back in 2002 through the only user-friendly option available back then - GeoCities. I still have the URL: but unfortunately, the site were not preserved and I were unable to find it archived elsewhere. Since then, I tried many different things to host my site: free hostings with site builders, Wordpress, static website generators like Publii, more complex static website generators with CLI and returning back to Wordpress again. I was never fully satisfied with the result (except, probably, with GeoCities...).

I think it is time to build something of my own. Static, serverless, but built by myself. Without any libraries, using vanilla Javascript. A year ago I would consider this unachivable due to my poor developer skills, but today, thanks to many tools available for junior developers, I think it is possible. I will be using Amazon Q and Amazon CodeWhisperer for guidance. Ideally this site will have a backend for article publishing and maybe some comments feature.

If the project will be worth it, I'll make the code public on my Github so you could build it on your own as well. In line with the the early internet philosophy, the idea is to build this site as frugal as possible (free, to be precise). Thefore, the services will be chosen with this idea in mind, free and no credit card requirment.

Current tech stack:

With kindest regards,
Alex Uribarri
December 3rd, 2023



This is strictly personal website. All opinions in this website are of the author. This website is for personal leasure and learning purposes only and should not be taken seriously in any way. Just have fun, enjoy and take everything written here with enrormous grain of salt.

You can reach me via LinkedIn profile referenced in the footer of this page.

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