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3 future industry trends: space travel, life extension and AI

If you have children as I do, probably you are wondering in what world they will live when they’ll grow up. Also, maybe you just finished your High School and looking into what career you want to pursue in the college. Prediction is always difficult, but there are chances that we can, at some extent, predict the future trends based on current events and on our best guess. I was interested in forecasting and latest technology for more than ten years, regularly reading news and updates on what’s going on on the top notch of research and business. Also, I work in Amazon and I have a daily interaction with the latest tech and trends. This gives me some experience and knowledge to edit this short list of industry trends for coming 50 years and make some authoritative guess. Read More »3 future industry trends: space travel, life extension and AI

Interview on Radio Nacional de España

Yesterday I had a privilege to be interviewed by RNE (Radio Nacional de España) for their Cinco Continentes program. This program highlights International Relations news and deeply analyses current situation in foreign affairs. The interview was about my blog that I was writing while studying Political Science at Rey Juan Carlos University. It’s a great pleasure to be recognized in such way. An excerpt of the program with my interview below:Read More »Interview on Radio Nacional de España

What economic growth is? (2019 Updated)

World Development Indicators Graph

Above chart from Google Public Data show World GDP per capita growth from 1960 to 2014. Data is shown in constant US Dollars of 2000. This means that there’s no inflation effect in this chart and 1 USD of 1960 has the same value as one of 2014. Or, giving it slightly different perspective, if 1 USD = 1 Big Mac, an average world citizen in 1960 was able to buy 3000 Big Macs yearly and this number raised to 8000 Big Macs in 2014.Read More »What economic growth is? (2019 Updated)


This week I had a chance to assist a conference with The Economist Editor Daniel Franklin. Titled as “The World in 2016”, the speech was all about expectations for this year. Mr. Franklin exposed their… Read More »Superforecasters

My first post

That’s amazing how the world has evolved. Only twenty years ago if I would like to transmit my thoughts to the public I supposed to publish a book. That means: Put an order on everything I… Read More »My first post