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Digital transformation in logistics

What if you could send your products internationally for only 30€ when publicly available price for such shipment is 180€? Now you can. Keep reading.

When in 2012 I set up an online shoe store, the logistics was crucial. I was working with national postal service due to their comparatively low price, but their transit time for international shipping was around one month. It was so frustrating for the buyer to wait for long thirty days to receive his or her shoes. This was not the service I wanted to offer my customers. Logistics problems were barriers for growth and finally I quit that business.

At that time small businesses were not able to access preferential rates from global logistics leaders. There were good offers for intra European Union logistics, but for everything out of EU was insanely expensive.  Working with publicly available prices for international shipments was not viable. While big companies were receiving good prices thanks to volume based agreements, smaller players were out of the game.

But the panorama has changed a while now. Currently I’m working on a worldwide delivery service from Spain for small merchants that will receive the very same preferential rates as big players do. The service provider for international parcels will be one of the biggest global express enterprises, with transit time of about 2-3 days on international routes. And for very competitive price (on some routes – 6 times less than publicly available price).

The service is now in testing with positive results. When launched, it will be a revolution for Spain.

I call this disruption a digital transformation in logistics, because without powerful demand from e-commerce community, such opportunities wouldn’t be available.

If you want to test the service, just write me down on the contact page. You’ll need to sell your products through Bloombees ( and sign up for Bloombees Express service and you’ll become our beta tester for international (out of EU) service.

Be part of the future today.

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