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I will buy Tesla Model 3 in 2021

In this historic video Tesla revealed the Model 3. A disruptive car that will transform the entire automotive industry. In the human history there aren’t many video documents announcing a new era. Yuri Gagarin first flight, Apollo’s crew moonwalk, the fall of the Berlin wall. I believe that this 22 minutes presentation of Tesla contains a concentrated effort of thousands and maybe millions of people who advocated and worked for an electric car. For a better future, cleaner air, better performance and for our Planet. For all of us this car means new era.

Model 3 will cost 35000$. Although not a cheap car, but still affordable for high middle class in developed countries. And this is a lot of people. The behavioral change that will follow the adoption of Tesla will also be huge. Other manufacturers expectedly will introduce their versions of affordable and high performing cars at similar or even lower prices. Because of completely different supply chain in production of an electric car, new players will pop up and will compete in long established car market. Everything will change.

I will be part of that change. I think that by 2021 Spain will be covered with supercharger infrastructure well enough to drive comfortably from Madrid to any coastal city. It is expected that first deliveries will start in 2017, that means there will be four years for bug fixing and soft/hardware improvement. So there’s no reason why I shouldn’t buy Tesla 3 in that year. It seems that future is closer every day.

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