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My new role at Bloombees

Following my blog post on career change finally I decided to quit my job in multinational giant. Tough decision if you’re in Spain, with more than 20% of unemployment. Given I had no job offer at the moment of exit, it was like climbing a mountain without a safety cord. I don’t want to encourage you to follow my example, especially if you have a family to take care of, but hey, if you’re confident in yourself, maybe it’s your chance.

Some offers started to appear, but nothing was worth spending my lifetime. After a very short time and with a grain of luck I found a new job. A dream job. A startup that want to change the way people buy and sell on internet. Bloombees – an instant commerce engine. Bloombees helps merchants from all over the world to sell their products worldwide instantly, without any hassle. You just upload your product and share it through your social network. The rest is done by Bloombees.  My job is to deliver these goodies worldwide.

E-commerce logistics and last mile delivery in particular are booming industries. There’s a bunch of new technologies and ideas that are popping up constantly. Think about drone delivery, collaborative economy (like Uber or Take Eat Easy), Big Data, cross border e-commerce. With the rise of internet sales, the demand of reliable worldwide delivery increased dramatically. Traditional logistics providers are not prepared for such a rhythm. If you want to play in ecommerce league you should sell logistics dirty cheap and be reliable like a champion. And there’s no second chance to impress the customer. If customer is not happy, you and the seller instantly get a comment on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.  (choose appropriate). As a Logistics Director at Bloombees my job is to tune and sync the logistics providers and the merchants so they work on the same frequency. It’s hard but it’s very interesting. I know that I’m doing history here. When I’ll achieve the hassle free cross border commerce with low prices and no headaches it will be a huge win. A disruption. And be part of that process is extremely rewarding. Plus, there’s free Nespresso and Coca Cola in the office and the environment is very cool.

What’s happiness? It’s when you feel that what you’re doing is useful and meaningful. At this stage I’m happy.

Visit us at to find out more about instant commerce.

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