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My first post

That’s amazing how the world has evolved. Only twenty years ago if I would like to transmit my thoughts to the public, I was supposed to publish a book. That means:

  • Put an order on everything I want to transmit.
  • Write it down
  • Edit it
  • Find publisher crazy enough to put his money on my ideas
  • Publish the book
  • Arrange the distribution
  • Make people pay for something they don’t know if it will be of any benefit for them (you buy a book without any idea of its exact value, you only can rate the book after you’ve read it)

Quite a long and arduous process. The WordPress shortcut is absolutely amazing. Now the process is:

  • Open a laptop
  • Register for free
  • Write whenever and whatever you want.

That’s what I’ve done (OK, I also purchased a hosting and domain, but I could skip it if I would like to). So, this will be my personal page, where I’ll write some of my ideas in extremely irregular basis (hey – there are much more interesting things to do than write things over internet). Hope this blog will be somehow useful for you.

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