The dawn of AI

Dawn at Frankfurt Airport Alex Uribarri

Finally, AI is getting into the mainstream with useful real-life applications. After decades of research, suddenly a so-call machine learning concept born. Alpha Go, an AI engine of Google’s DeepMind, beat the world’s Go champion. And, as it usually happens in IT, everything started to develop very fast. As a starting point of a series of blog posts on AI Government, this introductory video on AI from PBS is perfect to put you up to speed in current AI developments. You’ll understand why now is really the moment and why this time everything is different. 

The film also introduces some fears of the impact of AI on jobs and privacy. I personally don't agree with the approach because as we have seen with computers, internet and digital age, the emergence of new technology works as a accelerator of job creation and economy and not as negative factor. 

Please, enjoy with me this PBS documentary.