Kiev satellite imagery of 1962

Kiev satellite map of 1962

In the year 1962, when below pictures were taken...

  • Francis Gary Powers is exchenaged for Rudolf Abel (KGB Colonel William Fisher)
  • John Glenn 3rd orbital flight on Mercury-6
  • USSR launches Kosmos-1 satellite
  • US attempt to explode a nuke in space (failed attempt)
  • USSR launches several manned space missions
  • Cuba missile crisis begins

And meanwhile, people (as well as my family) were living there below in this city whichi is so different compared to what it is now.

The pictures are taken with US spy satellite on the programme "Corona". These satellite where sent to space with chemical film camera and after the in orbit operation were de-orbited to splash into the ocean. 

I was able to get some of the films of the recovered capsules, covering Ukraine and Kiev. Using I created a grid of tiles and placed it over the OpenStreet maps. Enjoy!

1960's -- U.S. Air Force C-119J recovers a CORONA Capsule returned from Space
1960's -- U.S. Air Force C-119J recovers a CORONA Capsule returned from Space.
Corona film recovery maneuver
Corona camera lens


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