How to live forever? Immortality is possible.

So you really want to
live forever? Immortality is something that Humanity was looking after
throughout it’s history, but not quite successfully.

There are several feelings that make us want to live forever. First is the fear of unknown. We don't really know what will happen after the death. Religion doesn't necessary help to remove this fear. Second is the egoism. We think we are too valuable for this world to disappear. And finally we have an intrinsic curiosity on what will happen in the future. We want to live in the world as we've seen it in the science fiction movies.

But unfortunately
humans were not able to solve the equation of immortality. Hundreds of scientists
throughout centuries were trying to find the formula of eternal life with no
success. But there are high chances we will be the first generation that will
actually be able to extend the lifespan up to infinity.

In the year 2000 on the rise of the new century I was young teenager asking myself the questions of immortality.  Although there were strong arguments against me, I believed I will not die due to age. The way science is developing right now, makes me think that I was right back then at the beginning of this millennia.

As per internet website

we will reach the point where we can stop aging by the year 2065. If I consider
a 2018 average life expectancy in Spain of 82 years, this places me in the
privileged position to bet for immortality.

So, our actual
challenge is to be able to get to 2065 in a good shape. In order to achieve
this we need to follow healthy lifestyle and avoid unnecessary risks. This

  • Follow Mediterranean diet
  • Exercising. Both muscle building and Cardio
  • Avoid toxic products and toxic environments
  • Do regular health checks
  • Ensure you are wealthy enough to pay the
    treatment in 2065

as you can see, if
you  have a good and healthy life,
chances are you will be able to prolong it indefinitely.

Unfortunately, some
political and ethical questions arise: 
will our planet be able to sustain a population that only grow?  How people with less income will react when their
wealthier neighbors will cease getting old while they don't have money to pay
for treatment.  What will be the
government's role in this and how pension funds and public pension systems will
adapt to this new reality.

I think this is
inevitable that humans will find out how to live forever. The amount of efforts
placed to decode the longevity and current powerful tools will lead to success.

So don't waste your
time anymore, Google the closest Fitness Center, build your low carb diet and
start thinking on how you can become wealthy for 2065.  And enjoy.